Nick and his family drove into the city to meet up for family portraits at Parc La Fontaine on Le Plateau. It was a perfect Autumn late afternoon. The sun was setting and that gorgeous golden glow was beginning to fall behind the trees and leave magical reflections on the pond in Parc La Fontaine. I had been to the park the day before to take test shots with my iPhone to make notes of what spots might be more ideal for our session at this time of day. And we were not disappointed!

Caroline, Nick’s wife was a bit uncertain of having a professional photo session, and even more unsure of my being an anglophone. But I reassured her immediately of my French and how we would handle things quite naturally. No pressure! Elizabeth, the ridiculously photogenic 4 year old, was a bit timid at first, using her panda as a cover. But in no time, she was rolling on the grass smiling away for the camera. I didn’t have to guide her at all. We all just worked around this little ball of boundless energy, and had a fantastic time. Lots of laughter, and plenty of hugs. When it was time to say goodbye, Elizabeth even had a big hug for me.

A couple of weeks later, the family albums Nick had ordered arrived. I had the pleasure of presenting Nick with his Mother’s album, and the other for his family. We met at a great Italian cafe, Roberto’s in Rosemont. He was thrilled!

Then he decided to order a couple of framed prints of Elizabeth for her room at home. Once those arrived, I invited the whole family to meet me at Kinoya Izakaya to receive their framed prints. We had a wonderful reunion with good food, and more hugs. Of course, they were thrilled with the prints. The satisfaction on my end ran deep. 

Montreal family photography
Elizabeth and me with her gorgeous framed prints and a few origami cranes I folded for her.